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set out to various communities across Lagos

From 2006, the team from our “God Bless Nigeria” program and I set out to various communities across Lagos to get a first-hand experience of challenges people face just trying to survive in the city. We went into the poorest of communities in Ejigbo, Ijora, Iwaya, Bariga, Somolu and many others. At each location, we were faced with various situations and challenges that tugged at the heart – real people with real experiences. Some of these experiences were documented on video.

After years of sorting and archiving the footage, we decided to launch a diary-like documentary of a few stories we encountered. We plan to launch a television program early next year that will tell these stories and much more.
From watching these videos, I hope you experience the same roller coaster emotions that we felt while working in these communities. We also ask you to join our effort in working to reduce the impact of some of the social plagues in our society.
It’s been often said that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. With everyone engaged, we can reach those men, women and children in desperate need in our world.

Thank you,
Dr Tony Rapu


a photo-exhibition of by Kelechi Amadi Obi.

‘’It was great depicting a visual representation of societal ills using celebrities as models. The process of transforming these celebrities from superstars into drug addicts, beggars and underprivileged individuals was quite a revealing journey.  The photos tell a story of what these celebrities could have been versus who they are now.  It would take the collective efforts of individuals, government, religious groups and corporate bodies to help transform lives of impoverished people in our society.

It is imperative that we use photography to create awareness and help imagine the pain and heart’s cry of the disadvantaged in our communities.’’

This is indeed a true REFLECTION!



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