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House of Refuge

House Of Refuge (HOR) is a drug rehabilitation and resource center which caters specifically for the rehabilitation needs of drug and alcohol dependent persons. HOR was established in 2006.

House of Refuge provides medically assisted detoxification to individuals age 17- 59, struggling with addiction to alcohol and controlled substances such as: prescription medicine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, codeine, etc. Our facility caters to men and women. At HOR, our clients participate in counselling, psychotherapy, anger management, spiritual discipleship, and life skills training. Our methodology is Christ-centered. However, we accept clients of all beliefs and faiths.

• Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that we are able to respond to a wide range of needs from medical, psychosocial, physical, mental, spiritual and behavioral.

• Our Mission

Our mission is to rehabilitate and reintegrate drug dependent individuals back to the society and equip them with life skills required to assume personal responsibility for their future.

• What We Do

Our programs are tailored to deliver client–specific solutions in an intensively therapeutic and highly supportive environment. Our programs include: Assessment and Evaluation; Drug screening; Medically Assisted Detoxification; Individualized management; Out-patient rehabilitation services; In-patient rehabilitation services; Family Support/Therapy; Interpersonal Therapy; Group therapy; Occupational therapy; Personalized after-care; Substance Abuse Prevention Education.


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