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One problem facing humanity today is the abuse of narcotics and psychotropic substances. This abuse has existed for decades, though in recent years the problem has grown crossing all ages, sexes, socio-economic and national boundaries. According to United Nation office on Drugs and crime, more than 200 million people abuse drugs worldwide. Research reports in Nigeria have shown that youth in and out of school, between the ages of 11-35 years, constitute the high-risk group for the drug menace.

Drug abuse has devastating consequences on the individual and the society. It aggravates the crime rate within a society, creating an unconducive environment for financial investment, consequently retarding economic growth of developing nations. It also brings about armed robbery, murder, assault and rape, prostitution, destitution; breakdown of family ties, school dropout, increase in mental problems, etc.

More worrisome is the increasing problem of HIV/AIDS through the activities of intravenous drug user (IDUs). The economic impact of drug abuse manifests in the health budget of a nation as increased funding is required for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons, at the detriment to other sectors of the economy.

It is in realization of the devastating consequences of the drug menace on the individual and the society at large the HOUSE OF REFUGE (HOR) was conceived to combat this societal ills.


Edited by: Chukwufumnanya Oranye and Enifoghale Agodo


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